The Art of Chivalry

Gentlemen, I understand we live in a world were doors open for themselves and women enjoy their independence; however, this should not mean that chivalry is dead.

Many men throughout this era are no long sure if holding a door is respectful or making a woman feel uncomfortable. Which tends to lead the men walking through the door first and having the woman not only follow after but holding the door herself. I admit, some women have become a little uncomfortable with chivalry gestures, which is why the men at this age have a bit more of a challenge ahead of them. A man needs to learn how to read a woman, if a woman pauses by a door, she wishes for the treatment. If others just stare are you while holding the door, feeling a little strange, then we know she does not care for such treatment.

But for the most part gentlemen, I can safely say most women enjoy it. Which leads me to the list that all gentlemen should follow and never lose.

1. Open the Door
A gentleman will always open the door for a woman. This applies to car doors as well. I understand nowadays from a walking distance one can simply click their door unlocked, but this should not stop a gentleman from opening the door. Once you have opened the car door, wait until she is seated and gently close the door.

2. Handkerchief    
When you were younger, don’t you remember that your father or grandfather would always carry a handkerchief? Handkerchiefs are always handy to have around. If you find a women crying throughout a movie or for any other reason, a man should always provide her with his handkerchief.
Tip: Shall a woman not be in distress and need your handkerchief, does not mean that you can not use. Even been out on a hot summer day and wish you had something to damp away the sweat?

3.  Dropped Items     
Should something ever fall near you, you should always help retrieve the objects from the floor. This applies to men or women. The polite thing to do is to always lend a hand in helping the person with the objects.

4. Sidewalks  
When walking down a sidewalk with a lady, make sure the woman is always in the inside of the sidewalk, while you walk on the outside. This means that the woman should be farther from the traffic. I know it doesn’t seem fair that if a car comes you would be hit first, but at least the gentleman will be considered a hero.

5. Give your Seat   
I get amazed by how many men I see sitting in an area and women are around them standing. If there are no available seats when a woman arrives, a gentleman should stand up and offer his seat to the lady. Men, if an elderly or handicap arrives, you should apply the same gesture to them.                                                                                               Tip: if an elderly person and a woman walk in at the same time, offer the seat to the elderly first.

6. Don’t be Lazy    
If you have finally gotten the nerve to ask out the woman of your dreams out for a date, make sure when you arrive to pick her up that you come out of your car and knock on her door. If you honk or call her from the cell phone to tell her you are outside, two things might happen: (1) She won’t come out and your date will end at that moment or (2) You are not going on a second date.

7. Introduction  
Always introduce the people you are with when you run into friends or acquaintances on the street. This will break any awkward moment of just having the person stand there while you are in conversation.

8. Be the Weatherman    
Gentlemen should always be attentive to the weather. If it is cold, offer the woman your coat and if it is raining, hold the umbrella out for her. Also, if you step out of a location and the weather is bad, tell her to wait for you there and go for the car. Remember, in the comic books, the heroes always get the girl at the end.

Gentlemen, please remember there is a difference between a man and a gentleman. When one searches for their image, a gentlemen should always be present. For this gesture of being a gentleman leads you to more promising lands.

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