Thanksgiving Style Tips

Thanksgiving is around the corner and many of us are already question what to wear. We go to the mall, look into all the dresses and jeans and start to wonder if we should even go at all. By this point a frozen TV dinner sounds pretty tempting. Nevertheless, don’t put that turkey pot pie in the microwave yet, here are some tips on the easy and quick ways to look AMAZING this Thanksgiving.

thskbl11. Cute and Chic
Thanksgiving is NOT a day where you come wearing your ball gowns, it is a day you are amongst loved ones and that could mean a cute skirt, nice top and chic boots would do the trick! Do not go running to the store, I am sure in that closet of yours you have a nice brown or gold type skirt. Wear it with a nice top and a simple crop top jacket and you are almost done! It’s fall, the temperature might be a little chilly, so pull out those boots you have been dying to wear!  Ok, outfit is complete, you look amazing! Now time to battle with your makeup, again, keep it cute! Go with a natural look or add a bit of gold eye shadow to the mix. Do not wear makeup as if you were going to the club! Keep it natural and beautiful. The hair a mess? Pick it up in a messy ponytail. Now you are ready! Add some gold accessories to your mix, be fun and creative, and go have a great dinner.

thskbl22. Traditional and Glamorous
Many of us wait until these special occasions to pop out the nice dress and shoes, so if you are one of these, dress it up! Now remember, you might already own the dress and shoes, so do not feel like you need to buy a new outfit. This is not the red carpet, you can repeat a dress. Now should you repeat a dress, wear it with a nice jacket, something that makes you feel glamourous. The dress you choose should not be too dressy, nor underdress. Which is why I believe a “traditional” style dress is perfect for this. Once you have your outfit, leave your hair loose with some soft waves and natural eye makeup with a nice plum lipstick. Some nice pearl earring should finish you up! Now you can stun your Thanksgiving date and your loved ones. 

thksbl33. Simple and Casual
If your Thanksgiving is casual, you are allowed to wear a pair of nice dark jeans! Match it with a nice blouse, try to stick with earth tone colors, such as greens or browns. Add those flats you love and don’t forget your favorite handbag! As for the hair, go with a nice messy look. I am a big fan of natural makeup, with light tones during this holiday. Keep it simple, you are not in a beauty pageant. The importance is that you feel beautiful when you give yourself that last final glance before leaving your house.

There you have it! There are no specific rules for dressing up this Thanksgiving! Look through your closet or buy something new, but the importance is to not stress! Have fun, be thankful. You will look amazing anyways!

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