Spring is Near- Accessories’ Edition

accessoriesWe continue on the topic of Spring 2013 Trends! Today, we will discuss the accessories that are made popular this season. We are going to see oldies come back and while some may love it, others might not.

1. Clear as Day
Remember the time where having see through shoes and purses were the hype? Well, this spring it is back. Clear shoes, heels, purses, totes, etc. The list is never ending and if you loved this trend in the past you would love it even more now! The options are never ending.
2. Fringe
Fringe has come and gone; however, I believe it never really left. But this season it is coming back full throttle. It can be seen mostly in earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

3. Back to the Arena 
Gladiator Heels!!! Prepare to look like a warrior with this trend.
4. It is ALL Black and White
This season, the colors black and white together are not only for the clothing! It applies to your shoes, necklace, bracelets, purses, earring… basically every piece you can dress up.
5. Heavy Metal
Even if you do not like rock music, you can feel trendy with metal necklaces, earrings, belts, bracelets, and a nice clutch.
6. Life of a Gypsy
Time to wear all the fun and big earrings and necklaces. The bigger the better this spring. So do not be afraid to show your gypsy side.
7. Totes
Who doesn’t own or love a good tote bag? Well, this season you can wear all the ones you have away in your closet or find an excuse to buy a new one.
8. Back to the Block
Block heels that is. This trend reminds me of the ’70s, but I guess if it was popular then, it might work again.
Tip: You can easily wear this with any type of clothing, jeans or dresses.

There you guys have it. Time to look into your old drawers and closet and bring back what has been kept away for some time. Give that clear tote purse a breather and enjoy wearing all your fun big earrings.

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