Spring is Here! Hairstyles Edition

spring1Today is the first day of Spring, which means we can all now start wearing our pastel colors and flower prints. Enjoy our colorful eyeliners and rosy cheeks.

As for the hairstyles trending this Spring, here is the top 5:
And don’t panic, these five hairdos are easy to do!
1. Tight Knot
Most importantly of this style is to make sure that there are no lose strands of hair. This style should be sleek and perfect.
Tip: Here are Bazaars advice on how to get the perfect knot:
“To master your twist, blow-dry straight, create a clean center part if wanted, and secure hair into a firm ponytail at the nape, spritzing with shine mist. From there, you can wrap the tail into any number of looks- a loop with the ends pointing up or tucked under, a round ballet bun, or a classic double knot- sealed with a shot of anti-frizz spray.”

2. Low Ponytail
We have been doing ponytails on ourselves since our mothers gave up and handed us the brush. The good news is, this spring the ponytail is back in style and it doesn’t have to be perfect!
Tip: There are a couple of ways to rock the low ponytail.
*1. Polished: Blow dry it first (if need be add a little bit of oil drops) and pick it up at the nape of the neck.
*2. Messy: Apply the same method as you would with the polished, but simply leave the ponytail half tucked in.
3. Braids

It doesn’t have to be the perfect braid. You can do a french braid, loose braids within the hair, a ponytail braid, a loose side braid, fishtail braid, or a braid updo!

scarf4. Head Scarf

Yup, you read it correctly. Head scarves are back this season, taking over runways and now Spring! The good news about head scarves, it is perfect for bad hair days!

Tip: Pick up your hair, swipe it up to leave no loose ends, you can go with a bun or ponytail or whichever you feel most comfortable with that day. Once the hair is placed up add a head scarf two inches from your forehead, tie at the nape of your neck. Don’t forget it is spring, so use bright colors!

5. Loose WavesIf you have longer hair, then loose waves is the perfect trend for you this season. Do not worry if the hair isn’t into the perfect waves, the loose waves trending tend to be messy and provide low-maintaince.

Tip: If you have natural curls or waves, let your hair air dry before you apply the texture to control the waves.

There you ladies have it! Easy styles to this season’s trends.

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