Spring Cleaning

By now we all know spring is near, which leads to the next important subject: Spring Cleaning.

Closet space is important and sadly not all of us are blessed with a closet the size of a room. Which leads us to crowding as much as we can in the closet. The result tends to lead to a frustrating search for a specific item that we soon declare lost, only to find it months later underneath something else. But fear not, this spring cleaning ISI is going to teach you the correct and easy way to organize your closet.

1. Handbags
Place your purses in shelves, you can use shelf dividers to divide and keep them upright. You then divide the handbags by color and style. When placing them in the shelves, put the tallest handbag in the back and the smaller ones in the front. If they need to be boosted, place them on something.  Do not stick bags within bags. The importance is to make sure they are always visible. While placing smaller bags in bigger ones might save you some space you will forget you have stored them and never use them. Avoid putting you bags inside dust bags. Only place the purses with fine leather, sequins, beads, or feathers inside the dust bags. If you stored them in a dust bag make sure to label the bags or boxes with the brand and make of the purse.
2. Shoes
You have a few options when storing your shoes. A popular one is placing them in clear bins; however, if you are extremely tight with closet space you can hang your heels using photo ledges. If you choose to go with clear bins, go with the front loading cases, this way you would never have to worry about lifting the boxes to get to the bottom ones. Place more than one pair of sandals or flats in one bin. Simply place them by color, such as the darker ones together. When you are going to hang your heels, make sure to keep the most worn pairs in visual sight.Cleaning your shoes is extremely important. If a pair of shoes get wet or have an odor, air them out. Place them outside for a few hours before placing them back into the closet. Leather shoes should be washed with a soft cloth and a firm brush for suede shoes.
3. Jewelry
If you don’t have a small drawer for your jewelry, or simply you no longer have space for it, here are some options.Use a paper towel stand to place bangles and bracelets. Get a cork-board and hand your jewelry from there! Another idea, get small bowls for your rings and earrings.
4. Lingerie
First, let us be realistic. Do you use all the underwear in your dresser? Through out old underwear you no longer use! I promise, you will not miss it once you get rid of it, especially if you have not worn it in months! Now, once you do that, always fold your underwear. If you are too lazy to do this every time, then invest in a grid divider, which creates small compartments you can individually shove your undies in. It is always best to color coordinate everything, your bras too. Lay them flat in the drawer and place on over the other, from cup to cup (the way you see it in Victoria Secret). Remember your lingerie should be kept separated from your other clothes.
5. Clothes
The question many ask, should I hang it or fold it? Well for some clothes it doesn’t matter which, for others it does!
Thick and heavy sweaters should always go hanging. The thin sweaters can be nicely folded.
A blouse always goes hanging! They will wrinkle if you fold them.
Fold and put away in drawers all your T-shirts.
Fold nicely your jeans.
Hang anything that is leather!
Hang your skirts too.

There you have it! Spring Cleaning at it’s best. Now get inspired, go into your closet and start organizing!!! Spring is six days away!!!

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