Personal Branding- How to make yourself KNOWN

pbblogNowadays there are all types of competition. While branding has been around for years, it has been devoted mostly to corporations and fashion industries; nevertheless, times are changing and a brand does not only have to be a product to become a brand.

Branding is what makes an object differentiate from other similar products. You go to the grocery store, walk by the soda aisle and have a variety to choose from. Which one do you go for? Most of you probably answered Coca Cola and the reason why is because that is a brand we all know and most of us trust. A brand is something that stands out, that’s special and most importantly, trustworthy. So why should an individual not be a brand? I mean, we do our jobs and provide our skills, we seek the company’s trust and eventually just wish to be recognized for the talents we have, so what makes us different from a business or a product? Nothing really. Which brings us to personal branding.

Brand yourself! Make a list of the things you most skilled in, think of your qualities and your personality. Ask your friends, family and colleagues what they think of you, how they see you. Make a list of how you want to be seen. Should you wish to be an amazing realtor, then act the part and find that one detail that is YOU and makes you an original from all the other realtors.

Remember that social media is your best friend, especially when branding yourself! Create your name, the name that you want everyone to know you as. Once the name is created, place it everywhere! Add it to all of your social media accounts and emails. Become a social media junkie! Be consistent in your updates on Facebook, on your tweets on Twitter and on your photos on Instagram; however, don’t bore people with a constant picture every minute or with a dramatic status. Say things that matter and that relate to your field. Don’t overdue it, but do make sure to do it everyday. Also, blog! Yes, blog, this is the way others will know what services you provide. Key thing to remember, never be insulting, dramatic, angry, or depressive on social media. Be professional and motivated. Proof read everything before you post it. Grammar and misspelling is a large cause of losing followers or having others not take you professionally.

Most importantly, be original! Your brand says who you are! Keep in mind that it is better to be #1 in a smaller group than #3 in a larger one.

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