New Year, New Trends

2014fashiontrendsIt’s a new year, which means new goals, new ambitions and new fashion trends! Here are four trends you should not ignore this year!

21. Midi Skirt
Yes, mini skirts have met there end this year, the skirts that meet below the knee are the new craze.

2. Crop Top
Short shirts are back. The crop top shirts are still a must have for this new year. Don’t like to show too much skin? Simple, pair it with high-waisted pants or with a pencil skirt!

3. Crop Top Jacket3
The shorter the jacket, the better! The crop top jacket looks good with just about anything! Add it to a dress or a crop top shirt! Doesn’t matter, make it your own!

4. Pastel Color
Leave the dark behind, this year the light pastel colors are all the rave. Pair it up together to make a sweet romantic look.

There you have it, four simple trends to make you look fashionably amazing!

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