Men’s Hairstyles for 2013

menhairThe day of the regular hairstyle for all men is over. This year even more different hairstyles have been trending than usual.

Men, it is time for a change and to have fun with your hair! Here are some of ISI’s picks for the best hairstyle men could have in 2013.

part21. The Side Parting
This is what I like to call the good boy look. Do not let your hair dry to much when you are going to do this style. Towel dry your hair and then place the product (wet pomade). Make sure to mix it well into your hands before applying it to your hair. Once the hair is sleek, part it to the side.


blowback2. Blowback
There is a few ways to style ones hair with the blowback look. Nevertheless, it all starts with a cut. When you go for your haircut, tell them you wish to do a blowback, I am sure they will know how to style it. After getting the cut required, the first step is to blow dry your hair with a round brush towards the direction you wish to style it. After blowdrying the sides, take the top of the hair and using the round brush place it behind the hair and start blowdrying back. Once this is done, use a spray (dry wax spray is best) and spray it all over the hair and smooth as you spray.

menshairstyles2013hermes1_thumb3. The Wavy Blow Back
If you already have wavy hair, this should come easier to you. However, if you don’t here are the steps needed. Make sure your hair is dry before you apply the product (gel or wax). Apply the product from the roots to the tips of your hair. Once the hair is wavy, use a blow dryer to style it back and towards the direction you wish to have it.


long 4. Long and Parted
If you always wanted long hair or if you already have long hair, then this is the trend for you. Simply part it in the middle! Also, don’t worry it doesn’t have to be perfectly straight.



25. The James Franco
I have to admit, I have been a fan of James Franco for years and I always did enjoy his messy hairstyle looks. Which is why I am happy that this year his hairstyle is a trend. This look tends to be the messy and wavy style, don’t really need to do much. Add some product to keep it where you like.


There you have it men!! Five of the trendiest hairstyles in 2013. Which one do you like and which one would you try? Let us know! Remember to keep your image impeccable.


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