Makeup for Brown Eyes

brwneyes blogToday, I wanted to share with all those brown eye beauties out there about which eyeshadow color suits them best. Brown eyes are the most common colored eyes on the planet and for the most part, any color goes well with these eyes. However, the following colors make the brown eyes pop.

blue21. Blue 
As with most eyeshadows, do not go crazy with too much of the blue eyeshadow. Try a royal blue color or cobalt. Add some eyeliner or a light gold to blend in. Do not forget mascara, dark brown or black will finish giving that touch and pop you are searching for.

purple2. Purple
Purple goes with any color eye; nevertheless, with brown eyes it makes the eye stand out that much more. Purple is a contrast to brown, which is why the combination of purple eyeshadow with one’s brown eyes is such a great mix. Add some eye liner at the bottom of your eye and trace the top of your eyelid very thinly.

green3. Green
Any color green works. A lot has to go with what color skin and what color hair you have. I recommend you try all sorts of greens until you find the one you believe best suits you.

orangeyellow4. Yellow/Orange
Yellow and orange depends a lot on your skin-tone. If you are light and which for a drastic look, add yellow or orange eyeshadow, but mix it with a black as well. Place the yellow/orange on your eyelid, while you place the black eyeshadow on the outside of the lid. This will give you the depth you need and at the same time not make you look pale or sick.

brown5. Brown
Brown eyeshadow is for the days you are looking for a more serious look. Maybe to the office or if you have an important meeting to attend. As much as the bright colors are fun, they are not always appropriate.

silver6. Silver
Silver eyeshadow is a great look to for a nice night out. However, if you suffer from dark circles under you eye, it is best to avoid adding silver shadow underneath the eye.

There you have it! Six colors that can make any eye brown woman that much more appealing. Below you can find three other colors I didn’t mention. Have fun! And remember practice on yourself! See which color you love most!





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