Makeup For Blue Eyes

blue eyesIt is important to apply the right colored makeup to your eyes, colors that will make your eyes pop and look amazing. Eyes come in all shapes and colors, which leads us to today’s post. We will be discussing seven (7) of the best colors for the blue eyes beauties.

beiege1. Beige Eye Linerbeige2
Listen clearly ladies, the beige eyeliner is to brighten your eyes! Which is why it is significant to apply the beige liner inside the lower lash line. Nevertheless, be sure to apply a beige color, unlike brown eyes, the white liner to highlight the eye does not look well on blue eyed women. For days you don’t wish to place tons of makeup, the beige liner can give you a simple natural look.

rust2. Rust-Colored Shadow
One of the quickest ways to grab attention to your baby blues is bylima layering your eyelids with a rust-colored shadow. This rust-colored makeup makes the blues eyes pop out. It is also easy to apply. Victoria Secret Super Model, Adriana Lima (shown on right), tends to apply the rust eye shadow to her eyes. Making her eyes the most noticeable feature on her face.

purple13. Purple Shadows
One of the major mistakes blue eyed women have is that they arepurple quick to apply blue eyeshadow, when in fact that color tends to get lost within their own eyes. Green is also not a great option, which leads us now to purple. Purple shadow illuminates the blue eyes, all the while adding a color (and a great color at that). Play with the colors of purples, royal purple can be be used to cover the whole lid, while other purples are best to mix. For days that you are in a hurry and it seems almost impossible to apply eye shadow, apply a purple eyeliner instead!

orange14. Orange Shadow
Yes, we know how it sounds and one thinks orange and relates it withorange the holiday of ghouls and goblins. However, the orange eye shadow makes the blue eyes stand out because the colors are opposite of one another. When you get a color wheel and look at the blue and then look at the orange, you see it on the counter side, which is why this combination works! I admit this strong contrast is a bit daring, but it will make any blue-eyed beauty look amazing. If you haven’t tried it… what are you waiting for?!

smoky5. Neutral Smoky Eyes
Smoky eyes has become very popular, what started as black shadowssmoky2 with touches of silver, has now been mixed with all the colors one can think of. However, for the ladies with blue eyes, dark (original) smoky eyes is not the best option. The classic black smoky eyes does not enhance the blue eyes, instead it hides them. But fear not, because the neutral smoky eyes is a great fill-in for the classic look. Go with the rich browns, golds and light pinks instead of the dark colors.

bronze26. Bronzebronze
For days you are feeling bold, try applying metallic bronze shadow to your eyes. This will make the blue eyes look magical against a metallic bronze. For the night, when you are ready to go have a great time, you can add a dark bronze eyeliner into your lash line. This is a great look for the summer, which is around the corner!!

turquoise 17. Turquoise and Navyturquiose
Turquoise liner highlights the blue eyes and also makes them appear larger. I know I have mentioned that women with blue eyes should avoid the blue or green shadows; however, a bold turquoise liner is the exception. Also, to be a bit more subtle, apply a navy mascara to the your eyes. This also helps mostly on the ones who have gray or greenish- blue eyes.

There you have it ladies! Your Wednesday Beauty Tips. For you blue-eyed beauties I hope this blogged made you understand and learn how to make your eyes the most important feature on your face. Let your eyes be what captures people and your voice be what is heard.

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