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Study Abroad: What to pack to Paris/Miami

blogISI provides studying abroad programs, where students can explore and learn in a different country. Once you have all the paperwork ready and your travel is near, the question of what to wear starts to linger. The fashion styles in Paris is very different from the styles in Miami and vise versa. Which is why we have provided this list of the style that occurs in these (very) popular cities.

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Top 10 Makeup for all Skin Tones

blogWe are all different, this is not new news. Some have different hair color, different eye colors, body shapes and skin type. But when it comes to the world of makeup, there are 10 shades that fit perfectly for all of us! Continue reading to learn which colors those are.

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The Best and Worse: Met Gala Event

Every year actors, singers, designers and so forth get together for an event known as the  Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Benefit Gala aka The Met Gala. The event is by invitation and a seat at one of the tables cost about $25,000 (pocket change). The gala is to raise enough money to have all the costumes stored and viewed about twice a year in the museum.  Nevertheless, for us at home the event is simply to look at the fashion and be amazed and laugh all at once. This year the theme was for the gala was  ”Punk: Chaos to Couture.” Which, as you will see with today’s blog,  there was a lot of couture and much more chaos.

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