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Fashion 101: Pants Edition (part 2)

isiPants, the piece of clothing we all share in common. While it was not common for women to wear pants 100 years ago, today it seems every woman own at least a pair of pants. However, not everyone knows the history of their clothing, which brings us to this blog. Every Monday and Friday I blog about Fashion 101, which is dedicated to the history of clothing.

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Fashion 101: Pants Edition (take one)

isiYou open your closet and you have at least five pairs of jeans to choose from. An American owns an average of about nine pair of denims! Strange to believe that not even a century ago women would wear nothing but a dress or skirt. But during the 1940s when the second World War came about and women were forced to put away their dresses and wear the pants that the men who went off to war left behind, the trend quickly caught on. The pants became a symbol to women. It represented that they were capable of doing the same work men were doing for years. It wasn’t long after the trend of powerful and independent women touched Hollywood. Actresses started to  wear pants to represent the independence and sex appeal of the women’s new role.

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