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Coats, Jackets, and ISI Miami… oh my!

blogCoats keep us warm, but most importantly it keeps us fashionable. However, not all the cities in the world have the advantage of other cities, in which they can wear a coat year round. Cities like Chicago and Seattle, a coat can often make any outfit look spectacular; nevertheless, a city like Miami, in the sunshine state, one wears shorts more often than any kind of coat. But, in those couple (yes, it is only two months!) of “cold” weather, we dig through the back of our closet and pull out our most fashionable coats.

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Winter Wonderland Fashion

winterwonderlandWinter is here! I know, I know! ISI Miami might be a little behind on the Winter must haves, but please understand that it is never cold here, so very rarely do we have the pleasure of dressing up with winter fashion. When it rarely drops to 50 degrees, is when we excitedly look towards all winder winter style! Sadly though, a lot of the must haves other states or countries have for winter is not really required here. However, for those cold snowy days in places outside of Florida, here are some fashion trends that will quickly keep you warm. Continue reading