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Makeup For Blue Eyes

blue eyesIt is important to apply the right colored makeup to your eyes, colors that will make your eyes pop and look amazing. Eyes come in all shapes and colors, which leads us to today’s post. We will be discussing seven (7) of the best colors for the blue eyes beauties.

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Traveling with Makeup

ISIblogTraveling light is the best way to travel, this includes your makeup bag. I know it sounds crazy and you are probably asking yourself how can you leave behind all those palettes of eyeshadows? Easy, simply pack the essentials. If you are going on vacation and spending hours getting ready, then you are doing something wrong.

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Makeup for Brown Eyes

brwneyes blogToday, I wanted to share with all those brown eye beauties out there about which eyeshadow color suits them best. Brown eyes are the most common colored eyes on the planet and for the most part, any color goes well with these eyes. However, the following colors make the brown eyes pop.

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