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How to Make the Most of Your Wardrobe.

styl3It has happened to all of us! We go to the mall, see this beautiful clothing item, try it on and it looks amazing. We then get home and realize we have nothing to pair it with. We shrug it off, a little sad, but always promise that we will find a perfect top/bottom/shoes/etc. for it. However, let us be realistic, we rarely ever do find the piece to go with that amazing item. Before we know it, the item sits in the closet, getting lost within all the other newer products one starts to collect. The months go by and that item is  is simply forgotten.

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Which Body Figure Are You?

Body typeYou are at the mall, you walk by one of your favorite stores and see a beautiful dress on the mannequin, you go in and pick your size and buy it. When you go home and you try it on, you imagine it looks fabulous because how beautiful it is. However, this is not always the case. All because one sees a beautiful dress at the store, does not mean that it will look great on everyone. The true facts behind a fashion disaster is because a lot of women do not know how to dress to their body types. Truth be told, a lot of them might not even know which body type that have!

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Etiquette Rules for your Children

Dear Parents,

I have mentioned the importance of one’s manners and image; however, a problem that has been occurring lately is the etiquette styles of young children. I understand that they are children and one has the idea that they will grow out of it or simply, since they are children, it is acceptable. I am writing this, to remind you that it is not acceptable. The earlier you teach a child about good manners the easier their adult life would be.

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Look Great at the Gym!

gymisiI know I say this a lot, but I will never stop to stress it. Your image is everything. Do not think because you are going to the gym you can pull off wearing an extra large t-shirt and some sweats. This is not pretty and this is a fashion don’t!

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