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History Lesson on SHOES

BLOGI love to write, especially about fashion and history! Nevertheless, the reason behind this blog and all its posts is to teach the readers what we teach our students! Our school is educating and granting bachelor’s degrees to future image consultants, to future communications specialist and business experts. But, like all things, before reaching success one needs to learn how to get there. We have a course, Fashion History, where we teach our students about the specific style clothing and their past. Which brings us to today’s lesson!

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Throwback: History of Shoes

tbt-blogEvery Monday and Friday I tend to blog about “Fashion 101,” which is basically the history of some specific clothing, who made them famous and how it is worn today. Well, this last Monday I was unable to blog, which is why today I am dedicating time for a fashion history lesson. Nevertheless, seeing how it is Throwback Thursday, I thought the title fits perfectly.

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Fashion 101: Tops

isiAt ISI Miami we teach a course where students will learn the history behind fashion. Today’s blog is a taste of what that class is about. Every Monday and Friday (as mentioned in our old blog) we will have a few lessons on fashion 101. Feel free to learn and take some notes!

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