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Nine Accessories Every Woman Should Own

ISIAccessories are of great importance. They often finish adding those final touches to a fabulous outfit and other times makes the outfit itself. However, in these hard times we are living, one doesn’t have the luxury of owning all the accessories they love and come across. Which leads us to today’s blog. There are nine specific accessories every woman should own.

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Study Abroad: What to pack to Paris/Miami

blogISI provides studying abroad programs, where students can explore and learn in a different country. Once you have all the paperwork ready and your travel is near, the question of what to wear starts to linger. The fashion styles in Paris is very different from the styles in Miami and vise versa. Which is why we have provided this list of the style that occurs in these (very) popular cities.

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Popular Tops and Their History

popular topsSome of the most common tops women use today go back as far as the early 1900s. Today we will discuss four shirts that are commonly used in today’s world of fashion. Shirts that can easily be paired with any type of bottom and accessories. Continue reading to gain more insight…

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