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Fashion 101: Coat Edition

isiYou open your closet and you see a few coats, some you wear only during winter and others you sport during spring or on a cool night. Coats have now become part of our everyday wardrobe. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too long ago that most coats were only used on the military soldiers. Think of that trench coat you love so much and tend to wear whenever spring comes by, yea, that coat’s original model was first used on British soldiers during WWII. Nowadays we don’t stop to think how soldiers would cling to some of these jackets/coats on cold winter nights, we use it now as a final touch to a great outfit.

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Fashion History 1970s- 2000s

isi fashionIn today’s world our fashion consist of a mix and match of past fashions. In a recent blog, ISI Miami shared with you the facts about the fashion in the decades 1920 through the 1960s. We explored how the flappers and bobbed haircuts came about and how the hippies spread their love and mini skirts through the fashion industry.

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