Get the “YOU LOOK RADIANT” looks of 2014

blog1New year, new trends, and old ones to forget. Here are some beauty tips you must simply continue, begin or leave behind for the new year!

1. Their Natural
Step away from the tweezers! Walk away slowly and enjoy your eyebrows! Yes, the bushy eyebrows are still in trend and luckily, it is here to stay! So don’t go crazy with the tweezers ladies! Pluck the stray hairs and let mother nature take its course on those amazing eyebrows you have!

2. You look Radiant
Radiant Orchid that is! Yes, this year Pantone announced that Radiant Orchid is the color of the year! So go grab a lipstick, eye shadow, lipgloss or blush and prepare to rock the color.

3. It’s a Pink thing
Have fun this year with pink blushes. Show your girly side! Pink rosy cheeks are in!

4. More Wine Please!
Not the one you drink, silly! But we won’t hold it against you if you want one of those as well, but we are speaking about wine colored lips! Yup, wine lips are the fab this year; however, don’t go so with too much burgundy, go more raspberry.

5. Pure White
So simple, so elegant, so white. Ladies, time to pull out the white eye liners and shadows.  White makeup is in! Chanel has released a trend of white eye liners and shadows, which means many more will follow.

6. Shine Bright
Gloss is back in! Nevertheless, we are not only speaking of a simple type of gloss, oh no! 2014 comes with high-pigment shine. Mix of color with micro-oils that leave your lips with a nice soft touch.

7. That was so 2013.
Ombre hair and lips are done with! Say goodbye to this faded look and go back to one toned. Also, put away the blue eye shadows! That trend is one that we are leaving behind.

There you have it! All the simple and quick tips that you need to know for 2014. Go look radiant!

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