Christmas Fashion Tips: Dos and Don’ts

blogIt’s that time of the year, where Christmas carols fill the streets, hot chocolate is sipped from our mugs and parties are every other day. You know, you have the office Holiday Party and then your family party and of course you have your friends party. Three style of parties that require three different style of fashion. No, you may not wear the same dress to your office party that you will to your boyfriend’s parents house and no you cannot wear that dress you bought to hang out with the girls to work. Pull out the pen and paper, time to take notes.

ohp blogOffice Holiday Party
Even if it is a party, you have to remember that it is still work! One must always be in their best behavior. Which means, do not drink more than one drink and do not dress as if you are going to go to a club afterwards. Now when it comes to clothing, DO NOT wear a tight dress or one that shows a lot of cleavage. Avoid areas of sheer that show your legs or stomach. Do not wear leopard print. Do wear sheer yoke and high neck dresses, have fun with red or black colors, wear stockings to cover up a bit more. Wear laced dresses that are feminine and professional. Do not go overload with the makeup. Keep it nice and beautiful. Simple, but enough that you can see you are wearing makeup. Most importantly, be you! This is the time you can still show your personality with clothing outside of the office attire.  


fhp blogFamily Holiday Party
You are probably wondering, “It’s family, who cares how I dress?!” Wrong. It may not only be your family that is there. It happens every time, you get to your parent’s house thinking it will be the same people but then there is someone there you have never met before. Maybe it is your sister’s in-laws or your brothers new girlfriend. Who knows! Or maybe your grandmother is a little old school and finds it difficult to understand how one can wear a skirt past her knees. So dress nice and appropriate. Maybe this year you aren’t going to your parent’s house but instead to your spouse’s family home. If this is the case then you should remember to always be presentable. You need to respect the house of your in-laws by not showing up in a short strapless dress or a low V-neck dress that shows a lot of cleavage. Do not wear clothing that shows a lot. If you want to feel sexy, feel and be sexy but in a discreet way. Do wear silk style dresses that can be matched with a nice cardigan and pearls. A knee gazing A-line dress with a square neckline. Should you wish to wear  sequence, do not wear a full dress made of it. Wear the top and match it with a nice plain bottom.  Wear nice makeup, enjoy the red lips, but do not go overboard! Keep the eyes simple with liner if you go with red lips.

fhpblogFriends Holiday Party 
This is the time that you can wear whatever you’d like! No worries if it shows to much, if it is too casual or too dressy. Just wear what you please and whatever the Christmas Spirit inspires you to. Have fun with sequins dresses, amazing makeup and cocktail dresses. Wear clothing you won’t often wear, including that Christmas sweater your grandmother gave you! Dress it up with a skirt and some nice stockings, be creative, be fun. That dress you been wanting to show off; however, had no idea where, well NOW is that time. Don’t forget your coat, but take it off then minute you walk in. Have fun.

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