Monthly Archives: April 2013

Fashion 101: Shorts Edition

fashion 101In today’s world, all sorts of clothing and fashion are so popular that we do not even wonder where it came from. Nevertheless, everything has a history and while today we wear freely shorts, a century ago it was unthinkable.

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Makeover Training at ISI Miami

byisiDiscover our one week course that will teach you how to find your true image! Everyone wants to look and feel great; however, not everyone has the time to learn how to correctly apply make-up, blow dry their hair, which hairstyle is best suited for them or which style fits appropriately. But fear not, ISI created this one-week course is for the ones who are too busy!

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The Brand Gap- Six Points To Remember

bookAt ISI Miami are diplomas are on Communication and Image Branding, which means of course, our students learn all that is needed to learn about branding. The thought of brand has been around for over 5,000 years. It is all around us and we at times don’t even recognize it. Which is why, a brand is so important for every company. Truth is, a company without a brand will not likely survive this crazy competitive world we live in. Due to this, a request for education on branding is growing worldwide.

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