Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tie it all together

tieA tie makes a big difference to any man’s style and behavior. Wearing a tie gives the mana distinctive element from all others. It provides the wardrobe with a touch of texture and color. However, as all outfits, a tie needs to be placed correctly. The key is to have a knot that fits your face and a tie that complements the shirt.

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Dressing an Hourglass Figure

hourglassThe hourglass shaped figure is one desired by many; however, some of the few who do have it, don’t have a clue on how to dress to flatter this body frame. This figure tends to be shaped like an hourglass (hence the name), with a bust and hips that are well balanced and a beautifully defined waist. Your shoulders are graciously aligned with your hips, you (most likely) have a rounded behind, and your upper body is balanced in length to your legs.

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