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Dressing for the Inverted Triangular Figure

invertedThe Inverted Triangle body shape is proportioned to have a larger upper body with broad shoulders, an average bust and a wide back. The hips are slim and their might be a tendency of having a flat behind. Your weight does divide between your upper body and your belly. However, you have killer legs and that is the spot we will attract all the attention to. Also, keep note that most models tend to have this figure. So don’t lose hope your beautiful shape. Here are some tips to know how to always look amazing.

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Dressing for the Apple-Shaped Figure

appleThe diamond (aka apple) shaped figure with the round belly and large bust is one of the hardest shapes to dress. But fear not, for this shape is known for having slim hips, a great behind and incredible legs.  These points of the body on the fruit shape, is where one needs to concentrate on! Here are a few tips all apple-shaped figures should know and remember.

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Which Body Figure Are You?

Body typeYou are at the mall, you walk by one of your favorite stores and see a beautiful dress on the mannequin, you go in and pick your size and buy it. When you go home and you try it on, you imagine it looks fabulous because how beautiful it is. However, this is not always the case. All because one sees a beautiful dress at the store, does not mean that it will look great on everyone. The true facts behind a fashion disaster is because a lot of women do not know how to dress to their body types. Truth be told, a lot of them might not even know which body type that have!

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